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doctor_knight 89 ( +1 | -1 )
art of boxing in chess has anyone read the book about "Art of Boxing in Chess" by Thomas Grady.

It looks interesting and I have actually always seemed to be able to see many similarities between chess and fighting (particularly no holds barred of which I know no true realistic no holds barred anymore). Even in my games (especially blitz) it seems to be very related. I was kind of skeptical while looking at the book on amazon. It just seems like something that I could easily be wasting my money on. It does look very interesting. Maybe it's really just a different approach of applying solid theory, but I don't want to risk a dime on this kind of book without input from others. So far I don't seem to see any reviews on the net by anyone who should know what they are talking about, so I'm asking if anyone has gotten or read this one on gameknot.