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jibb666 24 ( +1 | -1 )
Not even a "gg" comment during blitz I get really narked with ppl who don't even say thanks. I stick with games even when I know I'm going to lose - or if I don't at least I'll say well done. It gets really depressing when ppl just resign! Rant over
himu 52 ( +1 | -1 )
jibb666, some people like me who are using linux (ubuntu ) has problem replying to blitz comments. I have seen even in mac there are occational problem with the blitzbrain applet( probably java mismatch). I know your feelings I felt really guilty sometime when I could not reply to a gg or a hi, then I used to pm them hi and good game comments :) but thought it might be too intruding and dropped that. but apparently its not arrogance from their part, atleast not always.

heinzkat 9 ( +1 | -1 )
Doesn't matter, sometimes one just doesn't know how to use the chat function. Or they are muted. Or whatever.
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ionadowman 69 ( +1 | -1 )
I thought... ... chess was the medium of communication.
One of my early Blitz experiences on GK involved my opponent's friendly greeting, swiftly followed by abuse when misliked the slowness of my response (partly due to my inexperience with the Blitz facility at the time, and partly owing to my typing ... erm ... "speed").
So now my policy is this. I will still chat a little, but I don't make a thing of it, place such pleasantries on a low priority and concentrate on the chess. If my opponents don't like it, that's their problem.
As for the closing thanks - well, I do send such messages, but I'm never quite sure they are received since the game has ended when I send them. Not sure how the chat thing works, actually...
schnarre 11 ( +1 | -1 )
The point that at least a couple of us try to keep things civil is at least a good part, to me anyway.
eqj2 15 ( +1 | -1 )
That is why I never play Blitz chess here and never will. All I hear is bad things and disrespectful players. I though chess was a game of honor?
wschmidt 52 ( +1 | -1 )
I play blitz here now and then and very rarely get rude comments. Mostly silence. I always say "thnx" or "gg" when the game ends, win or lose. Myabe 15% of the other person responds or beats me to the punch.
My gripe is players who just abandon the game, not even having the grace to resign. For awhile I was actually sending PMs suggesting that the polite thing to do in a lost position was to "resign and say "gg" rather than abandon", but lately I haven't had the energy to do that.
Still, the downside doesn't keep me from playing a few games occasionally. ws
dr_dread 199 ( +1 | -1 )
Depends.... upon what you consider a "lost"position".I am a relatively high rated opponent both on GK and the USCF where my rating is over 2200.In the GK blitz room,as many of my opponents are aware,I "give up" material,even as far as my queen in the opening with no material return.As long as you do not consider this to be a "won"game on your part.I've beaten opponents in blitz being down anywhere from 6 to 18 points in material and have still won!Many of my opponents keep messaging me,saying,why don't you resign,ect ect...then 20 moves later I either beat them or I give them such overwhelming material that they don't know how to "use" the extra pieces in the quick 10 minute game,and they end up stalemating the game.So a so called "won" game is a far relative term.
Now,I strongly feel that typing in anything at all whether gg or anything else is an ok thing to do,but,simply not necessary,rude or should be expected.Infact,i usually block off the communication section,since i like to concentrate on the game,and yes,comments can "distract" especially in a 10 minute game where i may be down in material for example,and need every second to count when i'm thinking.
Plus,maybe i don't feel the game was a gg(good game),maybe i thought the game was a "bb"....bad game!So why should I lie?
I have personally had alot of bad comments through the blitz room sent to me,and yes,i've had atleast 3 opponents suspended,one permanently.Any form of commments made whether gg or anything else are voluntary,but should not necessarily be "expected"and this is the same in the long games on GameKnot.How many opponents have never said one single word during 3 or 4 months of play?The far "majority"of my players never say a word to me,not even hi,NOR DO I!No,this is not rude or improper etiquette,and i could care less if someone comments or not.BUT if you do and don't get a response,that is not rude either!Why try to "force" a comment or conversation?Many opponents do....and now....this is "truly"rude!If i'm not going to comment or say "gg"...thats up to me,and my wishes should equally be respected.It works both ways.....
akisame 18 ( +1 | -1 )
bg "Thanks for the game!" works for both good and bad efforts - that's how I get around the "gg" white lie issue.

That, or just tell yourself gg actually means "great giggle." (^.^)
dr_dread 103 ( +1 | -1 )
yes,your right.... "thanks for the game" fine....I was just pointing out that,one does not have to write anything,nor should it be "expected".Your just briefly meeting someone for 10 minutes,so who cares,actually?Some of the opponents can't understand english anyway,so it dosen't matter what you write or symbolize.
I wrote a guy not long ago and said gg,and politely added that he should not have moved his queen out on move 4 already,that it only leaves it open to attack...(trying to help the guy out alittle),and he came back at me with..mind your own business,and who the f do you think you are,ect,ect. See,sometimes even saying gg can tick a player off,especially if they were beaten badly enough.Logic dictates sometimes that its best not to say anything,that way,you actually "safe"against rudeness and if they become rude because you said nothing,not even "gg"then you can have them suspended....good,and they deserve it for acting like a child because their opponent didn't say gg!Wow,what a editqiette crime!Ha ha...
chessnovice 57 ( +1 | -1 )
... There are two things I always say on blitz: "Hi" and "Thanks". The "Hi" is always before my first move, and the "Thanks" is never before the game ends. I don't find it rude if the opponent is silent or a chatterbox, but those are my standards.

The only thing I get disappointed with is when the opponent says "gg" before the game is finished. It is a bit presumptuous, and is more or less telling the opponent "you should resign now" in a passive aggressive way. I've had a few games where I've stolen the win from those early birds, and the only thing I can bring myself to say to teach them that it ain't over 'til it's over is... "Thanks".
akisame 50 ( +1 | -1 )
"gg" before the game is finished I've done this a few times just before flagfalls (mine or theirs) as a way to get my comment/compliment in before they start a new game. I've also stayed silent quite a few times. I figure unless someone is ignoring the game (5+ minutes thinking on move 3?) using inappropriate language/content/tone or repeatedly quitting games on the first move, it is just a matter of personal style. It's IM spelling (r u b/g?) type stuff that really grates on me... but that's another topic.
nomadictao 24 ( +1 | -1 )
stiking it out I thought it was a bit rude when a player has already clearly lost and still plays on. Why waste the time? Just resign.

It looks like some think that to resign is rude. It just proves people are different.