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ccmcacollister 189 ( +1 | -1 )
GM Larry M. Evans Has always been a favorite of mine, among American GM's. Who along with GM Walter Browne, had something of a misfortune to fall in the Fischer shadow during their heyday; who being multiple US Champions would no doubt have received much more acclaim as potential bearers of the great American hope for a World Champion (along with Pal Benko, who sacrificed his interzonal slot so that RJF could play in his place ... Thanks again, Pal !! As a single act of magnaminity and selflessness probably unmatched in USCF history. ) had not Bobby stole the show in the 1970's.
Besides his very noteworthy achievements at the board, and as a Chess Journalist (my favorite, btw), he also served as an officer in the USCF for his home state of Nevada; helped facilitate the Fischer-Spassky match; and has spoken out loudly about issues of corruption within the Chess world, and about changes needed in FIDE aor USCF, and representation therein.
So I'd like to offer this thread as a site for discussion of GM Evans, his games, and Chess related activities. ETC. Any/all games, comments, aor annecdotes Welcome!
He's not shied from controversy tho, when feeling the need to speak out. So if all is not roses; well its still roses to me :)
I would like to offer an observation/opinion of mine here; that being ... I've never seen another Chess writer be so analytically accurate(for so many years) and more intellectually honest about a position. I honestly cannot recall seeing him put an analytical error into print, which I find to be amazing, if true. Nor seeing him have an assessment of a position overturned. Can you site any ?
Here's a link to a short bio article I came across today, about him.
Chess World Network..."Chess News" article on GM Larry M. Evans.
Regards, Craig A.C. }8-)
coyotefan 18 ( +1 | -1 )
Evans makes me sick Is it possible for him to EVER write an article without mentioning Bobby Fischer?

I do not believe he has any respect within the chess community anymore. No matter how good his ideas, he has no credability.
muppyman 31 ( +1 | -1 )
makes you sick? are you still reading him? or do you mean you read him until he made you sick so you stopped? otherwise it sounds almost kinky, I get a mental picture of someone's writings being used as a therapeutic emetic. perhaps Bobby is evans's hero..why not? he has always been mine from a purely chess perspective.