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nottop 67 ( +1 | -1 )
book reviews Can give whole-heared endorsement to Seagard chess reviews (free).
Reviews are so good that I print them out and keep them if I buy a book - because they give so much original analysis.
It was fascinating to me to read the review of Peterson's new book on the Benko and the detailed analysis of some of the flaws.
I actually purchased the book, but I also tucked a copy of the review in the inside front-cover.
Almost every major new chessbook is reviewed here - I find this site invalauable and recommend it to all Gameknot players.
There address is -
calmrolfe 49 ( +1 | -1 )
Good site ! The only problem for me is that it only seems to review new books, whilst my library of 250 chess books are all "old" classics, so none of the reviews were relevant to books I already have.

I tend to accumulate my books from second hand book fairs and only buy new when the books are on special offer, such as BCM's Christmas offer of five new chess books for 20. If I didn't do it this way my hobby would become too expensive !!

By the way, congratulations on beating Cyrano.

Kind regards,